Posted by: davflamerock | July 7, 2013

Miniflamerock: An Unexpected Update

I apologize to anyone who’s been wondering what I’ve been up to these past few months. The answer is that second semester senior year is a challenging and harrowing time, and there was absolutely no opportunity to update frequently. I also didn’t have much time to paint, either, so you didn’t actually miss much. However, now I’m graduated, plunging into the job market, and working over the summer before I relocate again in August. Also, I have several miniatures I’ve painted since my last significant update that need to be posted, and I even have an actual digital camera to do it with!

Being unable to update really this past semester, I was unable to talk about my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which ended highly successful. Many of the players succeeded, some of them died, and the geopolitical structure of the kingdom of Illos is permanently altered. Many sequels are hatching in my mind, starting with the fact that this is merely one country in an entire world–and between world-building and exploring the future of Illos, I seriously need to find a D&D group where I’m going! I have painted over half of the party (I didn’t manage to get them all painted before graduation, but I will still attempt to get them out to their respective players) and will finish that before I move on to other characters.

Speaking of other characters… for those not following the Reaper Miniatures kickstarter progress, they received their final shipment a little over a week ago and have been aggressively fulfilling their orders. As one of my D&D players & I went in together (so he could get his minis for cheaper, since he missed the kickstarter), our order is still much larger than the ones they’re fulfilling, but I expect to receive an email sometime late this coming week. Then a week after that I’ll have a big box at my door with an overwhelming amount of little white plastic minis to deal with. Considering I’ve also been snapping up Lord of the Rings minis when I can find them for cheap on Ebay (I’ve added a warband of Easterlings and a few mounted heroes now as well), I don’t forsee an end to painting. But that’s the nice thing about hobbies, right?

Now that I’m back free to attend to this blog, expect to hear more from me, and to see more from me. For now, I leave you with one of the characters from this past year: Oldrian the half-elven ranger and his owl Locke.

Oldrian and Locke

Our resident half-elven ranger, Oldrian.

Our resident half-elven ranger, Oldrian.

Oldrian Back

Oldrian Back

Oldrian Side

Oldrian Side

Oldrian's Owl animal companion, Locke!

Oldrian’s Owl animal companion, Locke!

Locke Side

Locke Side

Locke Back

Locke Back



  1. awesome painting!

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