Posted by: davflamerock | February 20, 2013

A Minor Update

Oh man, I haven’t been here in a while! I got stuck trying to get the D&D recaps written, and too much time has passed/too many events have occurred for me to be caught up. I have been painting in that time, however, and so I have a bunch of little miniature dudes to photograph and put up here. However, before I get that chance I wanted to say a couple things.

Because I’m so far behind, and due to the nature of my workload this semester (protip: I’m writing a piece of transmedia fiction) there’s no way I’ll have time to resume the D&D recaps. Sorry to anyone who was reading them 😦 My work will largely be focused right now on my transmedia project, on my schoolwork, and on occasionally painting some dudes when I have time. Also in a month I should be receiving the Reaper Kickstarter package, so we’ll see how that goes!

Also, spurred by the needs of my transmedia project, I’ve acquired a digital camera! So my pictures from here on out should be much better quality! So look forward to that.

With that, I leave you to whatever you were doing on the internet before you read this post. See you in a bit…



  1. I would be more than happy to take over the summaries so they don’t have to die. I have more free time now anyways 😛

    Let me know…

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