Posted by: davflamerock | November 26, 2012

Fire and Ice

The twins of my Dungeons & Dragons campaign embody fire and ice, and their paint schemes reflect that. After a nice Thanksgiving break (full of grad school apps and visiting my girlfriend), I finally got around to finishing up a painting I’ve been trying to get done. I now have the pair of twins, Carter and Amora, fully painted and tabletop ready!

Amora’s Origins

Amora’s beginnings…

I’ve posted this picture a few times, but this is where Amora’s model started, as a femme fatale from Reaper Miniatures. Coming from their Chronoscope line, which is defined as “everything that isn’t fantasy,” it was obvious that conversions would be necessary. So conversions were done! Using a ball of green stuff and a sprue of spiked chains, and lots of careful gluing, a model with a pistol and a clenched hand was turned into the wielder of a dangerous flaming ball and chain. Then I painted it. Observe below!

Amora the Firebrand

Amora, with fire and a flail

Amora’s side, with her golden hair!

Amora with her brother. Debuff and weaken the foe with spellcraft, then smash them with a ball and chain!

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