Posted by: davflamerock | October 26, 2012

Shire… Baggins…

Today I have more pictures for you. It took me a while before I finally got around to fixing it up, but now that I’ve repaired the broken pieces and cover up the serious chipped paint it had, my Fell Beast-mounted Nazgul is fully painted and displayable. I painted it a couple years ago, and it’s interesting that I’d do it differently were I to paint it now, but it’s certainly still good enough to not warrant repainting.

So I give you the Fell Beast of the Nazgul.

The Fell Beast, lit from below

Swooping in from above!

And the view of the Nazgul’s victim…

Meanwhile, my girlfriend went ahead and ordered miniatures for the rest of the D&D party, which we were unable to use last session, but will be using extensively this Sunday for our all-session dungeon crawl! I have to order more primer before I can paint them, but several of them are converted to be most similar to the character they are dedicated to. Milo even has a hammer!

The party: Oldrian, Amora, Milo, Carter, Chava, Yantse, Kieran, and Akorn (with Chompy in the back!)

Here’s a close-up so you can see the characters better

And a side-shot as well.

Next up is painting Amora, but first I have another D&D session writeup to do…

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