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Incidents and Inquiry

Before I begin the recap of last week’s session, I want to briefly touch back on what I started this blog for! You probably know what I’m going to talk about, if you saw the blog post from a couple days ago… you clever bastard.

Conversions and Colorations

A while back, I posted an image of some miniatures that I got for my girlfriend’s D&D characters. Now the characters she has (Carter and Amora) are not the staff-wielding wizard or the gun-toting femme fatale that I got, but that was because I had a plan. And the plan has been partially executed! The changes to Carter include the addition of his hand (obviously), as well as the removal of his staff (replaced by a little blue magical flame), and the replacement of his crossbow and quiver with a pair of satchels with scrolls sticking out. And I will let the images speak for themselves.

This was the collection of minis when I got them, so you can see the changes…

…which have been turned into this! And painted!

And a behind shot of the ice mage. Note his serpentine familiar off to the side there.

So I’ve been able to get a little of painting in here and there, which was my hope for this year (I have too many hobbies!). My girlfriend has also decided that she wants to get personalized minis for the entire party (after Chava’s player was excited to note how similar her model looked to her character). So expect my next painting endeavors to come from there. Before I paint Amora, though, I do need to make sure I know how to do some of the stuff I’ll need—so I’ll be back here learning how to blend for a few days. Don’t mind me.

Session Two: Incidents and Inquiry

The story resumes with the party’s arrival at the town of Eaglemure. As they entered town, they were immediately greeted with words carved into the side of the first building they saw: “EAGLE FREE.” Further into town, they discovered more of such graffiti, stating slogans and phrases revolving around the freedom of Eaglemure and the defeat or expulsion of the Trazan Magi. It was into this moderately-sized town that the party arrived in the late afternoon of their fourth day of travel. They were surprised to find the streets largely empty. A few (possibly drunken?) guards eyed them with interest—complementing the dinosaur in their midst—but they saw almost no-one on the streets. Some members of the party, including Yantse, noticed faces peering out of houses at them, though none emerged or greeted them.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find an open shop to inquire about the happenings of the town (or inquire about the necromancer), and after Amora and Carter had a moment of sibling debate in a musical language no one else could understand (after which Amora took one of Carter’s knives and disappeared into the town), the group finally decided to ask the locals for information. Their first house was not the most successful, as the older woman within refused to talk to them, they being obvious bounty hunters. The group consulted and agreed to go find an inn where they could find accommodations and information. On the way, Yantse and Oldrian checked houses for signs of inhabitants whom they might question.

Oldrian found the first house, and he and Yantse approached to inquire about the state of the town. The middle-aged man was shocked to see a real-live merfolk at his door, considering the last merfolk had been through Eaglemure forty years prior, but when Yantse offered a story of travelers passing through and asked about the town, he offered what information he knew. Invited inside (while the rest of the party hid in the shadows across the street), the merfolk and half-elf learned what the man knew.

The palpable fear around town was naturally related to the graffiti they had observed entering Eaglemure. The teenagers of the town had never been the most restrained individuals, but when they started carving anti-Trazan messages into the buildings, the Trazan military reacted. And its reaction was to arrest nearly thirty young men and women across town at once. The town now acted under fear of those Trazan guards, everyone still on edge after the massive number of arrests.

But while their host spoke with Yantse and Oldrian, Milo the engineer decided he was not content to just wait for them to report back. With an unfortunate lapse in judgment, he began to listen blatantly at the door. He heard as much as the arrested teenagers before a now-familiar voice behind him broke his concentration.

“What exactly are you doing here, sir?”

Surrounded by a trio of soldiers, Milo was caught eavesdropping in the middle of the road, and there was no good way to talk his way out of it. Instead, he appealed to the pair inside—after knocking on the door to get the attention of the trio, he attempted to explain to their host that he was a part of their group, just checking on Yantse and Oldrian, and that they were bounty hunters looking for the Necromancer. Yantse and Oldrian, displeased with the interruption and the revealing of their plans, staunchly denied any knowledge of Milo. But when the guards attempted to arrest the dwarf, the situation exploded.

Ready to escape the guards, Milo attempted to force his way into the house. Preëmpting Milo’s action, Yantse lunged to shut the door. Unbeknownst to the entire group, someone else not far away decided that a distraction was needed. As Milo surged forward towards the rapidly-shutting door, a blue flash announced the sudden arrival of a magical snowstorm, raging from the doorframe. When the door was finally shut, the storm continued to rage both inside and out, each side independent and blinding.

In the confusion, the man was beginning to lose his head. Fortunately, his appeal to Yantse for help and protection was gladly welcomed, and the merrow pulled his host deeper into the house towards safety. Oldrian, who had not left the window (which was outside the range of the sudden snowstorm), discovered that Milo had no intention of using the snow as a cover to flee. The dwarf instead barreled through the window (and Oldrian) and into the house. The guards, meanwhile, were stumbling around in the snowstorm trying to figure out what had happened. As soon as they escaped the radius of the storm, however, one of them ran off to mobilize reinforcements while the other two pursued Milo into the house. Seeing his pursuit, Milo turned and fired the head of his warhammer into the first guard to leap through the window. His thought was to knock the guard out of the house and knock both men to the ground. Instead, he struck the leaping soldier with insufficient force and merely stopped his jump… causing the man to fall into the windowsill, still sharp with the jagged edges of broken glass. Bleeding in agony, the guard slumped back outside to the stunned faces of Milo and the final remaining guard. The dwarf retracted his warhammer’s head (which was attached via a chain) and fled into the house. The guard decided not to pursue.

In the back of the house, Oldrian and Yantse fought with Milo over what to do next, with their battered and confused host unable to piece together why his house was suddenly under attack by sudden snowstorms and flying dwarves. Advocating retreat, Milo exited through the rear door and began to grapple himself to the adjacent rooftops using his pressurized wrist-mounted grapple launchers. A stern word from Yantse, however, froze the dwarf in his tracks. It only took a moment for the bricks in which his grapple hooks had struck to buckle under the weight of a young dwarf and his steampunk armor, and he found himself once more disgraced and on the ground. His allies, too, were unwelcoming. Leave, they said, and we don’t want to see you again.

So Milo went out into town, slipping between buildings to a different road, and hid in the cellar of a closed weapons shop for the night.

Meanwhile, Oldrian and Yantse isolated themselves from their shaken host to plan their next move, but they did not expect him to so quickly come to his senses. When he attempted to join them, he overheard them and, realizing they were liars after all, banished them from his property with a surprising sternness. Both adventurers left reluctantly.

With most of the party back together, Yantse, Oldrian, Carter, Chava, Akorn, and Cerys set off rapidly towards the other end of town, where hopefully the guards would not apprehend them. Once safe from the mobilizing military, they found an inn and coughed up the two gold they would need for the night, spending the rest of their evening asking for information about the Necromancer. They managed to find a new lead: an older man in Bloomingburg had been attacked by undead on the road outside of town and survived. This had made him a bit of a local celebrity, but perhaps he could add more to their tale. They also were caught off-guard when Carter’s hand inexplicably began to bleed. When interrogated, he would not give a straight answer as to why his hand had suddenly opened up.

Just as the rest of the party was settling down to sleep for the night, Milo was caught in the cellar amusing himself with weapons from the store’s collection. The store owner, who had found him, was none too pleased to have a fugitive hiding out in his cellar until the middle of the night, but after a small bribe was willing to let the dwarf stay until 1am. When Milo did finally leave, in the early morning, he did not know quite where to find the rest of the party (to make his apology), but decided he would wait out by the north-eastern gate. First, however, he ran into Amora.

Both were confused to see each other, but when Milo explained his imposed exile, Amora insisted he take her magical ring of protection (+2!) so he could be safe on his own. When she realized he was going the wrong way to the north-eastern gate (having been turned around in the cellar), she decided to stick with him instead. Skirting the edges of town, they passed a number of farmhouses, one of which was conspicuously burned-out and abandoned. When Milo noticed Amora eyeing it with a strange, almost reverent, expression, he decided it was important and began to march off towards it. After all, it probably had zombies and/or loot! Amora reacted by throwing herself at him in an attempt to tackle him to the ground—he was not listening to her and she wasn’t terribly good at persuading with words anyway. She had no weight to compete with Milo and his steampunk armor, but he went down nonetheless, tripping over his own enhanced armor. Now stalemated, Milo realized that the farm must be from his future. Sadly, he agreed to leave it alone. The pair found the north-eastern gate shortly before dawn.

The others, meanwhile, woke immediately, broke their fast, and began to head out. They had not gotten a block before guards stopped them and placed Yantse under arrest (Oldrian had been disguised by the rogues in the party). This time, the wanted poster had three faces on it: Yantse and Oldrian for 10k gp each, and Milo for 30k gp. Yantse did his best to bluff his way out, but being the only merfolk the town had seen in 40 years, he had the odds stacked against him. Instead, the party fled, with the guards on their trail. Shortly after escaping Eaglemure, their pursuit let up and everyone regrouped with Milo and Amora.

Milo offered his apologies, and Amora vouched for him. Yantse and Oldrian were still miffed, of course, but the repentant mechanist was welcomed back nonetheless. Back together, Yantse interrogated the time-traveling twins and discovered that they were somehow supernaturally linked, that damage dealt to one would be felt by the other—that Carter’s open wound had come from Amora’s own cutting of her palm. The group traveled on for a couple more days, taking the road north to Bloomingburg, where the rumors they had heard told of new information sources about the Necromancer. It was on their third night that trouble struck.

Amora and Carter had disappeared along the road, as suddenly as they had appeared, leaving the party without two of its members. While annoying, it did not stop them from pressing on, and as the travelers camped off the side of the road, they were greeted by some undesirable company. Oldrian and Chava, sleeping in one of the tents, were the only ones to be awoken by the sound. With her crossbow in hand and having slept in her light armor, Chava checked the darkness outside. At first she could see nothing, but when Oldrian joined her, himself armed, they both saw what was making the noise in the underbrush: zombies.

As the session ended mid-combat, I will end my recounting here. It has already gone on far too long. I will, however, grace you with pictures of the status of the battle at the end of the session…

Legend: Orcs are ghasts (dice indicate how much damage they have taken so far). On the left, going down: Yantse, Oldrian, Carter. In the middle are Amora and Akorn. Up in the tree is Chava, and in the upper right is Milo and the fallen Cerys.

And a dramatic angle shot, to get a little more model’s-eye-view.

Until next time…

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