Posted by: davflamerock | September 18, 2012

I Know It’s Been A While…

…and I’m sorry for that. Don’t have a whole lot of regular readers yet, though, so that’s fortunate enough to miss several weeks.

I did say that I was going to post while I was back home in California about the minis I have there, but having time to write that hasn’t been possible until now, thanks to social events and my insane school schedule. However, here I am, taking a quick break to share some photos I took of my collections in California.

The Sisters of Battle

First, I’ll start with the Adepta Sororitas, an army I’d love to run at some point, if ever I had infinity dollars and the time to properly paint them all. Games Workshop would definitely need to release a line of plastic minis, though, because collecting multiple squads of all-metal Battle Sisters is very nearly overwhelming. In the meantime, I’ll stick to getting them one at a time and painting them to look nice. I haven’t touched them in a while, but I like what I’ve done and brought them up to school with me and put them in a display case. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to finish painting my Repentia and my custom Canoness sometime soon.

The Sisters of Battle minis are fascinating in the gothic, almost Catholic imagery utilized by an all-female battle cult.

My Canoness, created before the most recent White Dwarf codex, specially-modded to have my desired wargear. She also conveniently fit one of my most recent D&D characters perfectly, though I have not yet gotten to paint her.

The Sisters Repentia, those reckless glass cannons of the Adepta Sororitas cleansing their sins through their own pain and ultimate martyrdom.

The ur-Repentia, a Penitent Engine is the model that really drew me into the Sisters army. She seeks martyrdom, even as she incinerates her foes with the walker to which she is wired.

The Necrons of Avignor

I have a whole backstory that is partially developed for my Necrons, which was pleasantly expanded by the new fluff in the most recent codex. However, as I am fascinated by the undead, I wanted my necrons to not be Terminator Machines as they usually are, but clad in actual bone, as risen skeletons might be. So you will understand the bone you will see on the models. They are animated by a transfusion of Living Metal controlled and rejuvenated by their Heartstone, which you can see in their chests. I don’t get to play Warhammer 40k much at all, but hopefully that can change!

A representative of my Necron army. I didn’t want to put them all out, because not all are assembled yet, and it wasn’t making a good picture when I tried.

My primary lord; this Destroyer Lord (named Drezon) is outfitted to lead the charge with a contingent of Wraiths by swooping in and fighting in close combat with as many foes as he can. He is also designed to never stay dead, thanks to the Resurrection Orb.

My Necron Pariahs–er, they are Lychguard now. Great elite models, even if their original stats were really bad.

A representative of my Necron Warriors. These are the most recent (and best) paint job, though my third generation will be better.

And what Necron Army would be complete without a Monolith? (note: I have a second, unassembled one to be painted eventually)

So you get an idea of how it will not be clean, the left side is how I’m planning on eventually painting the whole thing. Looking back at it, it needs some cleaning & standardizing, but rest assured that the monolith won’t be clean.

Tau Commandos

I don’t actually have a Tau army, but when my friend and I were first getting into modeling, primarily spending our time modelling and painting, I got these five guys together and made myself some cool-looking Commandos. Yes, that’s a kig-yar Jackal shield (from Halo) being wielded by that one figure; I was really into Halo at the time (& it still has a special place in my heart).

The Tau Commandos! I want to make them into a diorama at some point, within a futuristic corridor firefight!

The Dropship of the Imperial Guard

I also made myself an Imperial Guard dropship, to carry my platoon (and three Sentinels). The Guard, who are meant to be allied into a potential Sisters army, are still almost entirely unpainted, so I will refrain from posting pictures here (though if people ask for it, I suppose I could!). However, it is a rather sizable platoon, and building a cardboard dropship for them at least makes them easy to transport!

Regarding Future Posts

As I mentioned before, my school year has now started, and it is INCREDIBLY busy. I am still making time for gaming, but between three classes, three jobs, and a research assistant position, time is not necessarily my friend. (Also, I’m doing some writing on a project someone else has designed, and so that will need my attention as well.) That said, I have committed to run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign here at school for several of my friends. As that will require minis, you can expect to see some (hopefully weekly) painting posts go up as I get through models one-by-one. In addition, I’ll post little recaps of the D&D story, since I know some people will be wanting to see that (I’ll just direct you here to read it, where you can see my other posts. Muahaha!).

So from here on out, expect a weekly post with a D&D session summary and, hopefully, a mini or two that has been painted. I can’t promise any quantity of painting, but that’s the goal!


  1. Way to go Dav! I love getting your installments.

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