Posted by: davflamerock | August 25, 2012

I Promised Painting

I promised painting, so here it is. These are the most recent figures I have painted; once I got to work again on the heroes, I started photographing them and putting them on Twitter, which conveniently means I have a tiny backlog of photos I can show off. Don’t expect me to go back through and photograph every model I’ve already painted, but you can expect blog posts about updates from here on out!

The first ones I tackled were Games Workshop’s Elladan and Elrohir. I don’t know when I got them, but I’ve had them for a while and they have continued to be unpainted. As they have seen pretty common use in D&D adventures, I figured I should paint them and get them done with (also I had just finished painting a squad of Rivendell Warriors, so I had all the paints together and the colour scheme in mind). This is also the first photo I took of any of my models, so I hadn’t figured out the best posing yet.

Elrond’s sons, seen from the front. They’re pretty legitimate warriors!

Elrond’s sons, seen from behind

Next up, we have Gandalf the Grey. I already had a painted version of him, but had recently (well, it was two years ago, but I haven’t really touched my models much since then) acquired another one from my best friend. This one had his famous blue hat! So I had to paint him to get all the Gandalfs completed. I’ll admit, I’m still figuring out how to use paint dilutions properly, but I think I’m finally figuring out how to get Glamdring to have a white hue. Orcs are close!

The Grey Wanderer, leading the Fellowship

And finally for today, I have the models I just painted a few days ago. I painted the first one to make sure I liked the paint scheme I wrote out, and finally got around to finishing the others. Technically they’re not done, as I need a green wash to go over their rags, but they look fine at the moment without it. Morgul stalkers!

Stalkers from Mordor, in their horrid shadowy cloaks and their nasty-lookin’ faces!

Geez, I need to get a better camera for this.

In any case, I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from painting through my Lord of the Rings models for the time being, as I’m going home to California to visit my family and friends there for a week. However, I am bringing my paints, just in case, and while I’m home I’ll show off some Warhammer 40k models I have sitting on my bookshelves there!

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