Posted by: davflamerock | August 23, 2012

Inaugural Post

Alright, I’m finally going to venture into the wonderful world of blogging! I guess that means that I need to go look for some snazzy widgets and themes and custom coding and shit so that I can make my blog not look lame. But in the meantime, let me start you fine folks off with something.

My name is Dav Flamerock. I have a website, but that mostly just houses my fiction (which is of varying degrees of quality). You may also know me through twitter, where I post a great deal about the things that interest me, including Magic: the Gathering, transmedia/alternate reality games, and polyamory (among other things). However, among my many interests includes tabletop games, including miniature war games. As such, my collection of miniature war game figures is pretty extensive, and a great deal of them are not painted. As of writing this blog post, I still have an entire threescore plus foot soldiers, mostly Gondorians, that require painting (which is much better than when I started the summer, when I had tons of other figures that needed painting). And that’s just what’s sitting in front of me–if you included the figures back home, then I’d have to add dozens of Imperial Guardsmen, Necrons, and multiple monoliths. So I’m going to start a painting blog.

This ought to give you an idea of the unpainted models I have on my desk at the moment–and this isn’t even counting the almost two dozen cavalry behind me!

So this post will serve as an introduction to my model collection; what I have, why I have it, and why it takes me so damn long to paint them! (spoiler: it’s because I’m a perfectionist with my art)

What Do I Have? Why Spend All This Money?

Why, because it’s fun, of course! (also I have a bad habit of being a collector of collectible things… CCGs and collectible miniatures will be the death of me!)

But seriously, what all do I actually have? At the present, I have two categories of models, both from the Games Workshop lines. One is Lord of the Rings (you probably recognized the Fell Beast in the above picture), and the other is Warhammer 40k. I also have some other random models, though soon my collection will explode when I receive my shipment from the Kickstarter campaign that Reaper Miniatures is putting on right now (it ends in 66 hours, so if you see this post in time, definitely chip in! It’s an unbelievable deal!). I started with the Lord of the Rings line, when my best friend and I got some models to paint them and check out this interesting new miniature wargaming thing. He eventually lost interest, but I never did. I LOVE tabletop games. After I got a resurgence of interest a few years ago, I got the rulebook and decided I was going to get a huge amount of models so that I could play with people who did not have models of their own–which is to say anyone I expect I’ll be able to play with. Most of my friends are into tabletop games, as I am, but it’s much easier to play a game with someone when they don’t have to supply the parts! So I ended up with all of the models my friend and I had collected, I supplemented it with a few more, and now I am slowly building up a collection with a great deal of versatility, to appeal to the elf players, the human players, the orc players, and the monster players. Plus, I’m a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan, so even just getting to paint them is fun!

I have so many models!

As for Warhammer 40k… well I don’t suppose it needs an introduction, being FAR AND AWAY the most popular tabletop miniature game. But the gist of it is this: It’s the 41st Millenium, and a dozen factions are in a constant war with no good guys. It’s grim, dark, and overflowing with everything I hate about the real world… so naturally I’m fascinated by it!

In addition to the fascinating setting, I have to admit that the Warhammer 40k (W40K) models fascinated me as well. While I would never want to paint Space Marines, they appealed to the Halo fan within me (along with the Imperial Guard) and so I took interest. Being a lover of most things undead, I naturally picked Necrons to be my faction of choice, and have stuck with it ever since. I’m glad they were recently expanded (and love the new fluff they were given), though I still have a soft spot in my heart for the regular Necron warriors (of which I have 3 squads). But it was really the old Wraith models that attracted me, and I set about collecting those models which flay men alive. Ironically, I don’t like the Flayed One models, but instead have an army of Wraiths, Tomb Spyders, Scarabs, and a Destroyer Lord to complement a very “shooty” army. Also I have two Monoliths.

However, I was also interested in the Imperial Guard and the Sisters of Battle, and would like to eventually have a second army that’s a Sisters army with Allied Guard. I have all the Allied Guard, because they’re a hoot to model and paint, but Sisters are expensive as all hell, being all metal and out of print. So at present I only have the models that really attracted me to the Sisters: a Penitent Engine and some Sisters Repentia. I’ll expand that collection soon enough.

Then I have some other random models, and soon my “random models” collection will be expanded by nearly 200 minis from the Reaper Bones line, which is being kickstarted as I type. It’s not worth getting into what all that collection will be, except to say that I should never need to worry about a D&D player having a mini that doesn’t fit their character ever again!

Now I’ve written a lot already, so I’ll cut it off here. Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures of the terrain pieces I recently pulled out of a box, where they had been sitting after I last worked on them two summers ago! Captions should give you all the context you need. Until next time, when I post pictures of the last few models I’ve painted!

Image Gallery: Terrain Pieces

The terrain pieces I was working on two summers ago. Maybe I’ll get around to finishing them soon, if this army of minis on my desk doesn’t get in the way!

The supplies I’m building my terrain from. Mostly styrofoam at the moment, but I’d love to hear ideas for other stuff!

I won’t be gluing the bushes down until it’s all finished and painted, but this is a reference photo I took so I would remember where they should go! Gondorian archer for scale reference.

And this is the reference photo for the big hill (perfect for King of the Hill games!). Included skirmishers give a scale and some idea of cover.

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