Posted by: davflamerock | August 23, 2012

Dav’s First Bones!

First of all, you need to go visit the Bones Kickstarter page. It’s got a little over 48 hours left, and it’s exploding in an inconceivable way. It will assuredly pass $2 million, and could very well get to $3 million by the time the clock ends at 6pm EST on Saturday. This is just astounding, and if you chip in $100 you will end up getting well over 200 models.

That said, I just got my first Bones today in the mail!

Dav’s First Bones!

It’s a sextet of Orc Archers, which I wanted to use for my LotR Mordor army. The idea was that I could get cheap archers that were not from Games Workshop and use those as Orc Trackers (the “official” models being 3 times as expensive and in metal…). They’re very nice looking, for plastic models; everything that Reaper claims about their Bones line is true. I’m certainly looking forward to more!

Unfortunately, I’ve been placing them around my other LotR minis and I discovered the problem with getting them from outside GW… Reaper orcs are noticeably larger than other orcs! I might be able to get away with this if I can finagle with the base a bit, but if I were to put them on a base and stand them next to a Gondorian soldier, the orc towers over him. Which is awkward, considering orc trackers are supposed to be small and quick.

I might use these models anyway, but now I’m looking at the goblins I’ll be getting from the Bones Kickstarter, which should be smaller. Granted it’ll only give me 4 instead of 6 trackers, but the line will be active then, and I can always pick up more.

Other Reaper Miniatures

In addition to my orcs, I also picked up three other minis. These are not for me; my girlfriend has some D&D characters that she will be using soon, and so we picked out some models that would, as close as possible, resemble them. Some will require a bit of conversion work (the chick with the pistol, for example, will have it swapped out for a spiked ball on a chain). However, I am looking forward to assembling and painting these guys as well. We haven’t decided yet how they will be painted, but it should be an adventure!

They are cleaned, but not yet assembled. I plan on rebasing some of them once my GW bases come in.

And I know I promised that I would post pictures of actual painted models, and I still will! I have the pictures ready on my computer! But I thought that I’d interrupt that post with one about the new models I’ve received. The painted pictures will go up in the next few days. Promise!

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